I use self-portraiture via lens-based techniques as a means of reclaiming bodily autonomy and disrupting how power and meaning have been inscribed on my queer, abject body. Often layering and fragmenting my flesh, I am revealing and concealing my body, controlling how I want to be seen while not alluding to physical characteristics that allow the viewer to place me within the gender binary— I am maintaining agency through abstraction. Self-perception and self-determination take precedence over the pleasure and gaze of the viewer. Commercially made materials often used in display or advertising—vinyl, bungee cord, chrome, and chiffon— speak to the commercialization of bodies, as they are reproduced in visual culture. These contrasting soft and rigid materials take on new meaning in my work by providing support for one another. Firm unyielding structures bend to tender and flexible representations of the body. Combined into one form that oscillates between 2-dimensional representation and 3-dimensional corporeality, they reject expectations surrounding the body. By refusing to acknowledge the gender binary I reject dominant power structures as natural or inevitable—allowing room for ambiguity and ultimately, agency. I strive to envision and construct other possibilities—present and future.

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